The Options

Option 1 We have a custom written PPL Ground course which comprises of 4 work books. These are aimed at 4 examination sittings. (the requirement is to complete in 6 sittings, each sitting is 10 working days). The target of 4 sittings allows for any re-sits, which I am very pleased to say rarely happens, but the contingency must be there. The books therefore are for paired subjects, with book 4 covering the final 3 subjects.

  • Book 1, sitting 1, Air Law and Human Performance.
  • Book 2, sitting 2, Meteorology and Operational procedures.
  • Book 3, sitting 3, Navigation and Flight Planning & Performance.
  • Book 4, sitting 4, Aircraft general, Theory of Flight, Communications.

Each Book includes a disc which can be loaded on to most modern devices, and on the disc there is a question bank and revision material as well as the
book content.

These are designed for self study. The embedded Progress tests are designed to check your learning progress. We offer a Mock Examination at the end of
each subject as a separate exercise. The Mock is aimed at testing your over all knowledge of the subject as learnt and is slightly more difficult than
the actual examination.
You can of course sit as many subjects as you see fit in any 10 day sitting

Option 2 Is as above with offered tutorial either by email for simple
subject matter, or a one to one tailor made tutorial but offered at NORWICH.

Option 3 Is as option 1, with a crammer day for any subject you think you
need, but again at Norwich. The idea of the Crammer is that you have worked
through the subject but need assistance and reassurance that it is up to
standard. The crammer finishes with a Mock, and if satisfactory you could
then take the CAA Examination on site.

Option 4 This is available from this website. It is a web based version of the four books. This includes the progress tests and answers. The Mock can be completed on line but marked remotely by your tutor. We offer a full tutorial back up by email or if necessary by telephone. The offer of one to one training at Norwich is available, as are the crammers. The final examinations could be conducted at Premier Flight Training Ltd. or as an alternative a certificate of completion can be issued and you can sit your examinations at your nearest Approved Training organisation.

Option 1 The 4 book package is offered at £100 plus post and packing.
Each book may be purchased separately at £30 each plus P&P.
Option 2 As above plus a nominal £20 for email tutorial, (or £7 for each book), or £15 per hour at Norwich, maximum £90 for the day.
Option 3 As option 1. Each Crammer is based on a day rate of £90.
Option 4 The Course is £100, and includes tutorial support by email. You can purchase it here
The Mock is £15, although would be included in the Crammer or tutorial day price.
The CAA Examinations taken at Premier Flight Training at Norwich are £35 per

Premier Flight Training Ltd is an EASA Approved Training Organisation. The Examinations can also be taken at any ATO or RTF. Although they may require their Mock, and a certificate from PPL Ground/PFT to show that you have completed a system of training. and are up to the standard required to pass the examination.